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Study on the Modification of Humic Acid and Its Adsorption to Methylene Blue

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DOI: 10.25236/csbioe.2018.02


Chen Rongping, Zhang Zishuai, Wu Dinggui

Corresponding Author

Chen Rongping


Humic acid insoluble(IHA) was prepared via the method of immersing in calcium salt. The structure and properties of IHA were characterized by FTIR and Zeta. The effect factors of adsorption such as pH, temperature and time were studied. Adsorptive removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution using IHA was systematically studied. The characterization results of adsorbent showed that: the zeta potential is negative in the pH range of 1~9 due to the carboxyl groups on the IHA. The experimental results of adsorption showed that the adsorption capacity was increasing with the increase of the pH. The adsorption equilibrium study indicated that the adsorptions of MB were monolayer and spontaneous processes. The adsorption kinetics followed pseudo-second-order equation. The activation energy value indicated that the adsorption was a physical process. Furthermore, IHA could be easily regenerated and reused with little loss of adsorption capacity.


Humic acid, Adsorption, Methylene blue.