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Study on Gender Pay Gap in Secretaries based on Regressions

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.68


Yunhao Shi

Corresponding Author

Yunhao Shi


The problems of gender inequality and gender differences in social mobility have been respectively received extensive attention from academia. Half of the population in society are constituted by women and they bear the important responsibility of reproduction, modern women have become indispensable talents for promoting the development of industrial society. However, is it equal for women and men in the society? To answer this question, the most direct concern is income. Based on this, the study first summarizes the theory of gender stratification. Then, we use the multiple linear regression method to study the impact of gender on income, at the same time examine the gap between gender and income by controlling of a number of important variables. We find that there is a significant difference in income between men and women, and the men’s average income is significantly higher than women’s. Moreover, the gender gap is still significant after controlling the control variables we used in this study.


gender, pay, empirical study.