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Research on Spatial Planning System and Construction of Yellow River from the Perspective of Natural Resources

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.050


Shao Zhanchi, Wang Chuanming, Xiao Xiang, Wang Pengfei, and Li Haonan

Corresponding Author

Shao Zhanchi


Land and space planning are a guide for national space development and a blueprint for sustainable development. It is the basic basis for various development and protection activities. The state implements the “five-level and three-category” land-based spatial planning system. The “five-level” refers to five levels: national, provincial, municipal, county, and township; “three types” refers to three types: overall planning, detailed planning, and special planning. The article introduces the background of land and space and the background of the Yellow River ecological belt, and expounds the spatial planning system of the Yellow River ecological belt. It elaborates from the data management system, intelligent evaluation system, planning system, planning management system, planning application system and monitoring and supervision system. The construction of spatial planning platform provides an attempt to solve the problem of ecological protection of river basin resources, coordinating the economic development along the Huangjiu Province, and establishing the overall, systemic cooperation mechanism of the upper, middle and lower reaches.


Yellow River ecological belt; space planning system; platform construction; natural resources