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An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Profit of Port Shipping Industry-The trend of “One Belt, One Road” and breakthrough

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.048


Huang Ling, Yao Jun

Corresponding Author

Huang Ling


As a pillar industry for the development of modern international economy and trade, the port shipping industry has important strategic significance for broadening the hinterland of port cities, accelerating the pace of port industry transformation, strengthening international trade and optimizing port city functions. Therefore, this paper takes the port shipping enterprises in the “One Belt and One Road” concept section of the Flush Flower as the research object, collects the industry layout data from the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, and extracts and sorts out the profit indicators of the port shipping industry. In the end, the research analysis shows that the first principal component of the operational capability has the greatest impact on the profit of the port shipping industry, followed by the profitability indicator. The port operation business needs to rely on the benefits brought by the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, accelerate the pace of de-capacity, increase efforts to integrate resources, and avoid the phenomenon of homogenous competition in the industry to the greatest extent; actively promote the traditional port industry to diversify The development of the port industry, the transformation and upgrading of the port shipping industry; the greater interoperability between ports and ports.


Belt and Road; port shipping industry; profit; influencing factors