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Research on financing problems and countermeasures of small and medium-sized enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.045


Wu Mingsheng, Chen Mansheng

Corresponding Author

Wu Mingsheng


Through research and analysis of the status quo of SMEs financing: SMEs financing channels are simple and narrow, bank credit is the main channel of SMEs external financing, state financial funds for SMEs support is limited, SMEs private financing accounted for a large proportion; on this basis, this paper analyzed the financing problems of SMEs. The main reason for the financing difficulties of SMEs is that their development level is not high, SMEs are not suitable for industrial development policy adjustment and macro-control, lack of financing services specially for SMEs, and the development of intermediary institutions serving SMEs financing is shrinking. To upgrade their comprehensive status, financial institutions should strengthen financing services for SMEs, and government departments need to take the initiative to build a good financing environment for SMEs.


Financing; Research; commercial banks; small and medium-sized enterprises