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Analysis on the Improvement Strategy of the Quality of Ancient Village Tourist Scenic Spots Under the Era of Cultural Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.039


Xiong Jinyin

Corresponding Author

Xiong Jinyin


In recent years, the integration of cultural tourism has been highly concerned by the state and society. Culture has improved the quality of tourism, and tourism has enabled culture to spread. Through the integration of tourism and culture, culture is more dynamic and tourism is more attractive. On the one hand, through the development of ancient village tourism, to promote local economic growth, through tourism to strengthen the village's awareness of the development and protection of regional culture; On the other hand, relying on the local ancient villages, exploring the integration mode of the resources of cultural resources, and establishing a new image of ancient village tourism. Although the development of tourism has brought about rural tourism fever, the conditions of various ancient villages are different. Many ancient villages have encountered various problems in protection and development. Therefore, this study first analyzed the importance of cultural tourism integration and ancient village tourism scenic spots, and then putted forward some strategies for improving the tourist tourism quality of ancient village tourism scenic spots: to innovate protection methods, improve the transportation system, enhance tourism products, enhance the function of the home.


The era of cultural tourism; Ancient village tourist attraction; The improvement strategy of Scenic area quality