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Research on Security Auditing Technology of Chemical Enterprises for Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.032


Zhou Fuping, Fang Minying

Corresponding Author

Zhou Fuping


The emergence of the continuous progress of information technology and data technology, prompting the internal audit of our country whether in theory or concrete operation practice have great progress, at the same time the use of big data technology can also promote the development of national economy. Then, based on the reference of domestic and foreign literatures, this paper gives the framework and content of the research, introduces the research ideas and methods, innovation and deficiencies. Next, the status of the development of internal audit in the big data environment is described. In recent years, some of the advanced Internet companies and large state-owned enterprises have recognized the importance of big data technology, and actively explore the use of information technology, and has been applied to the internal audit to the large data environment under development related to the work of internal audit theory research provides a good source of information. On this basis, this paper analyzes the concept and characteristics of big data points out the difficulties faced by the development of internal audit in the big data environment. and puts forward the corresponding improvement measures. How under the environment of big data further development of internal audit. Making big data of internal audit has become the leading force of audit technology in our country. Play its role with respect to other auditing methods and incomparable. has already become the industry to discuss a new topic. I hope these suggestions and opinions can contribute to the healthy and orderly development of our country's economy.


Big data; security auditing technology; chemical enterprises