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Research on the Joint Distribution Mode at the End of Rural E-commerce Logistics in Ling Shan Region

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.030


Huang Guiyuan, Sam-Hyun Cho

Corresponding Author

Huang Guiyuan


With the advent of the Internet era, the network in most rural areas has gradually been covered, thus farmers have enjoyed the convenience brought by the network. Online shopping instantly became a new shopping mode, thus increasing the number of express deliveries in rural areas. Due to the difficulties of high cost, slow time limit and difficult layout in the end distribution process in rural areas, express delivery companies are facing great challenges. Based on the current situation of end-of-line distribution of e-commerce logistics in rural areas of Ling Shan, this paper analyzes the existing distribution modes in rural areas of Ling Shan and proposes to adopt the theory of end-of-line joint distribution mode.


County rural areas; E-commerce logistics; End distribution; Joint distribution