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Research on Investment and Financial Management Capability and Strategy Based on Internet Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.028


Huang Sujuan, Jin Yanjun

Corresponding Author

Huang Sujuan


Since China joined the WTO in the new century, China's financial market has gradually become more extensive, in addition, the continuous progress and development of the Internet has greatly promoted the development of Internet finance in China's foreign exchange service market, whose development speed can be said to be very rapid, especially in Guangdong and other regions in southern China, as the foreign exchange market becomes very prosperous. So this paper mainly analyzes the operational capabilities of China's relevant investment and wealth management companies in the context of Internet finance, and at the same time puts forward the relevant research and the effective operational strategies, with reference to that.


Internet banking; Investment and financial management; Operational capability; Research Strategy;