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Research on the Matching Between College Students' Employment Ability Training and Social Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.39


Zhang Yi

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yi


Full employment of college students represents an aspect of great concern in the harmonious social development, and their employment is largely a function of the match between their ability to obtain employment and the social demand. The findings of a survey of such a match show that they see a lower match with the demand in terms of ability of innovation, practice, social sense of responsibility and interpersonal relation. That is largely attributed to problems with the talent fostering mechanisms in colleges and universities. In addition, theory shortages are seen in human capital, resource-based view, academic capital and labor-job match. To enhance the match between the two above entails establishing a static and a dynamic mechanisms among such entities as colleges and universities, employers, governments and college students.


College students' employment ability, Social demand, Matching.