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Research on Third Party Logistics Management Model and Information System Based on Supply Chain Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.018


Yu Xiaoxue

Corresponding Author

Yu Xiaoxue


Facing the new market competition environment, the traditional management mode has exposed various drawbacks, which seriously hinders the further development of the economy. With the increasing importance of enterprises in the supply chain to their own core competence building, more and more enterprises are willing to outsource non-core business to third-party logistics enterprises, and the role of third-party logistics enterprises in the operation of logistics supply chain is becoming increasingly prominent. In order to reduce costs effectively, enterprises must strengthen their core competitiveness, and outsource logistics and other businesses to manage and control efficiently, so as to achieve the optimal cost. An economical and practical logistics information system with advanced technology and perfect functions can help third-party logistics enterprises to realize information sharing among internal departments and enterprises in the supply chain. Considering the mode and purpose of supply chain integration, the third party logistics should be the driving force of supply chain integration. Based on the perspective of supply chain management, this paper analyzes the third party logistics management mode and its information system.


Market competition; Supply chain logistics management mode; Information system