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Research on Risk Points and Countermeasures of Poverty Population Returning to Poverty in Deep Poverty Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.015


Aoya Hao

Corresponding Author

Aoya Hao


With the deepening of poverty eradication, the overall poverty situation in deep poverty-stricken areas has greatly improved. However, how to prevent some people out of poverty from “returning to poverty” due to illness and disaster is still a severe test facing deep poverty areas. This paper focuses on the poverty alleviation risk of poor people in deep poverty areas, focusing on the development capacity of the poor, the regional environment and the current poverty alleviation assessment system, and puts forward corresponding suggestions on the issues of returning to poverty in terms of talents, medical care, insurance, industrial development and employment. In the hope of “preventing in the first place”, we will consolidate the results of poverty alleviation.


Deep poverty areas; Poverty alleviation; Risk points for returning to poverty; Countermeasures