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Location Selection of Tourism and Leisure Areas Based on GIS

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.012


Wang Xuecong

Corresponding Author

Wang Xuecong


The concept of tourist leisure area is of strategic significance to tourist cities, and directly related to the development of urban tourism economy. This study takes Taishan District of Tai'an City as an example, using ArcGIS analysis method (superposition analysis, buffer analysis), referring to the relevant tourism data of Tai'an City, to analyze the road accessibility and its impact scope of the important scenic spots in the region. Thus, a suitable area can be developed or transformed into a tourist leisure area with the highest accessibility for tourists to travel to various scenic spots. Comprehensive analysis of the importance of each participating area in the local area according to the development of the scenic spot, selected the intersection of Tianzhufeng Road and Dongyue Street as the location of the tourist area of Taishan District. The site selection can not only expand the influence of the Flowering Scenic Spot and the Tai'an Underground Rift Valley Scenic Spot in Tai'an Tourism, but also promote the economic development in the eastern part of Mount Taishan. The research results can provide a reference for the future location, construction and development of Tai'an Tourism and Leisure Zone, and promote the development of local tourism.


Geographic Information System (GIS); Tai'an City; Tourism and Leisure Zone; Buffer Zone Analysis; Overlay Analysis; Location Selection