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Research on Difficulties and Countermeasures of Safety Management in Compulsory Isolation Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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DOI: 10.25236/ermbfe.2019.008


Hu Zhanlei

Corresponding Author

Hu Zhanlei


Compulsory segregation and detoxification integrates compulsory detoxification in charge of public security organs and detoxification through reeducation through labor in charge of judicial administrative departments, and clarifies that the decision-making organ of compulsory segregation and detoxification is public security organs. With the rapid increase of synthetic drug abusers, the number of drug abusers with mental disorders has increased significantly, which brings new challenges and higher requirements to the safety management and rehabilitation of compulsory isolation places for drug treatment. It is one of our important tasks to actively explore medical treatment, rehabilitation methods and educational management modes suitable for compulsory isolation and drug rehabilitation under the new situation, and to improve the rehabilitation effect of drug rehabilitation. Safety is the basic premise and ultimate goal of all drug treatment work, and we must pay enough attention to the problems in drug treatment work to ensure the smooth progress of drug treatment work. The analysis of various factors that affect the legal status definition of the original compulsory drug rehabilitation institutions in China has a very positive and important reference significance for the study of the legal status of compulsory isolation drug rehabilitation institutions.


Compulsory isolation; Drug rehabilitation; Safety management