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Alice Walker’s Continuum and Revision of Feminism:Womanism in The Color Purple

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.34


Ruiyun Zeng, Qianmei Li

Corresponding Author

Ruiyun Zeng


Alice Walker proposes the idea of womanism in the preface to her In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens. Her novels are perfect illustration of this idea. In The Color Purple, she develops the theme of womanism in full detail. Her womanism is first a continuum of feminism. She shows her concern on women’s inferior political, cultural and economic status and issues associated with women’s poverty, the celebration of femininity, women’s marriagial and familial oppression. Then she goes on to interpret her preposition for a universalist view of human kind and advocacy of new relationship between men and women.


Womanism, Feminism, The Color Purple, Patriarchy.