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English Classroom Learning Engagement Research for Medical College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.32


Zeng Xiangfa, Zhang Fen

Corresponding Author

Zhang Fen


This study is to explore the current situation and influential factors of medical college students' English class engagement. A total of 1224 medical students from 17 medical majors in one college were surveyed and SPSS21.0 statistical package is used for data analysis. Statistical analysis showed that the overall engagement level of medical students was not high, and the average weekly class engagement number for per 6 periods was 2.84 ± 2.054. Students' motivation, learning behavior, English level and teaching methods affect students' class engagement. Teachers can improve medical college students' English class engagement by applying flipped classroom, PBL teaching and games. Medical students also need to establish correct mobile phone culture, enhance learning subjective initiative, and actively participate in teaching activities to improve their comprehensive English proficiency.


Classroom learning engagement, Medical students, English proficiency.