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The Construction of English for Academic Purposes Curriculum System of Postgraduates

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.28


Zhou Xia, Ding Jie, Zhao Guotao

Corresponding Author

Zhou Xia


Conducting English for academic purposes (EAP) for non-English major postgraduates can effectively cultivate the academic communicative competence and multicultural adaptability of postgraduates in English. While, curriculum setting plays a very important role in teaching. The purpose of English curriculum for non-English majors is to enable postgraduates to grasp and use English to understand the latest scientific and technological developments in the world, to participate in inter-regional exchanges, to explore ideas and develop innovative abilities and to seize the right to speak in the international economic, political, academic. Through literature research and empirical research, this paper examines current research and practice status of non-English major English curriculum in China. Based on the analysis of the Chinese characteristics of EAP in Chinese postgraduates, the author proposes the concept of establishing EAP curriculum system for non-English majors with Chinese characteristics, helping non-English majors to cultivate their academic communication skills, integrating English into international academic circles and spreading Chinese tradition cultural.


EAP, Postgraduates English, English curriculum, English for academic purpose, Non-English major.