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The value of Confucian culture on female college students' Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.27


Jie Tian, Hou Mingdong

Corresponding Author

Jie Tian


To encourage contemporary college students’ entrepreneurship under the background of the times, through the study of Confucianism and Confucian spirit, explore the Confucian spirit of excellent quality. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of female college students, to use Confucian spirit of the excellent quality of female college students in the beginning to establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship. While inheriting the traditional excellent culture quality of our country, through the combination of Confucian culture and entrepreneurship education, female college students can cultivate distinctive entrepreneurial ideas and ways, grasp core competitiveness and form an obvious competitive advantage with male college students.


Confucian culture, Female, Entrepreneurship.