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Research on the Construction of Teaching Case Library of Tunnel and Underground Engineering Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.412


Zhu Zhengguo, Fangzhichun, Han Xianmin, Zhu Yongquan, Sun Minglei, Li Xinzhi

Corresponding Author

Zhu Zhengguo


Case teaching can not only satisfy the students' theoretical knowledge, but also enhance their practical and operational ability. Therefore, it has become an important way for professional degree graduates to train. Taking the course of “Tunnel and Underground Engineering Theory” as an example, this paper studies and discusses the necessity of case base construction, case base construction and teaching plan, and the case library teaching goal, and summarizes the basic content and process of case base construction. And corresponding implementations. Practice has proved that the construction of the case base helps to enrich the teaching content, open up the students' horizons, enhance students' cognitive depth and practical operation ability, and provides a conditional basis for the country to cultivate high-quality and strong practical ability.


Case teaching; Case bank construction; Tunnel and underground engineering theory; Postgraduate with major degree