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Discussion on the Reform Model of Credit System in Higher Vocational Education Based on Bayesian Network

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.410


Qiao Dawei

Corresponding Author

Qiao Dawei


Higher vocational education is an important part of China's education system. He can deliver talents for the society. In the development of higher vocational education in China, the credit system is an important innovative measure, which effectively improves the quality of higher vocational education. However, in practical applications, the credit system of higher vocational colleges also has its own limitations, mainly because the degree of data mining is insufficient, resulting in the overall credit classification is not clear enough, which affects the credit system of higher vocational education to a certain extent Long-term development. Based on this, this paper explores the credit system reform model of higher vocational colleges based on Bayesian network based on Bayesian network, and hopes to provide some reference for the related research of credit system reform in higher vocational colleges.


Bayesian network; Higher vocational education; Credit system