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Preliminary research on the relationship between site selection of Garden Expo and City——Take China (Jiangsu) international garden EXPO design as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.26


Liu Wentao, Dai Yu, Li Tian, Xiao Xuejian

Corresponding Author

Xiao Xuejian


The Garden-show originated in western countries, aims to promote the development of garden and horticulture through exhibitions. In recent years, a variety of garden shows have been held in big cities, not only to promote the development of garden and horticulture, but also to provide a new opportunity for the development of the city. Garden Exposition is a major form of garden show, due to timeliness restrictions, targets are to achieve successfully in a period of time, and pay no attentions to the follow-up development, led to a large number of resources waste. At the same time, the number of visitors is plummeted, the garden maintenance costs a lot, most of the exhibitions are deserted. Facing these problems, sustainable development has become a trend and an important factor for evaluating the Garden Expo successful or not. After-use has close connections with the location of the garden. This paper analysis the locations of all the previous garden expositions in Jiangsu Province (China), looking for the relationships between the location and after-use, then, put forward some suggestions for the future garden exposition' s location[1].


location, Relationship, Garden Expo, Selection.