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Research on Optimization and Integration of Curriculum System for Computer Science and Technology Specialty Based on Knowledge Network

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.403


Zhan Jianmin

Corresponding Author

Zhan Jianmin


This paper studies the optimization method of the curriculum system of computer science and technology specialty in local universities based on knowledge network. The theoretical curriculum system is based on modular design, highlighting the courses of mathematical basis, professional basis and programming technology, and cultivating talents in line with social needs through professional direction modules. Based on School enterprise cooperation, students' engineering practice ability is cultivated. Comprehensive application of knowledge and training of enterprise research and development process are emphasized. Based on teacher guidance, students' innovative practice ability is cultivated. The structure of knowledge, ability and quality is constructed. The optimized curriculum system has achieved good results in application practice.


Knowledge Network; Computer Science and Technology; Curriculum System