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Analysis of Difficulties and Obstacles in the Design and Implementation of Blended-Learning in Public Courses in National University—Take Inner Mongolia Normal University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.402


Zhang Litao, Chen Mei

Corresponding Author

Zhang Litao


Research at home and abroad shows that compared with online teaching and traditional face-to-face teaching, the blended teaching model has greater advantages. In order to better promote students' learning, and combine knowledge transfer with ability enhancement, and greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching, all colleges and universities have actively explored blended teaching and have achieved certain successful experiences. As a nationality university, Inner Mongolia Normal University implemented the teaching of Mongolian and Chinese teaching in parallel. In the exploration of blended teaching, it is necessary to explore and study general blended teaching strategies, but also to explore and study blended teaching strategies meet Mongolian students. Based on the practice of blended-learning design and implementation in Inner Mongolia Normal University, this paper combines interviews and questionnaires to analyze the blended learning platform and resource delivery model, the current implementation status of each model, and the students' blended learning needs. Based on this, the difficulties and obstacles of design and implementation of blended-learning are proposed and some suggestions are made.


National University; Public Courses; Blended Learning