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Research on Construction of College English Test Item Bank Based on the Intelligent Test Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.401


Wu Yaping

Corresponding Author

Wu Yaping


Formative assessment is undoubtedly the guiding principle and implementation direction of university teaching reform. Combined with the practice of oral English test in higher vocational colleges, this paper explores a new type of oral English test mode created by the cloud platform of the World University City, and demonstrates its practicability with the theory of communicative language test. This paper will briefly analyze the main characteristics of College English testing and evaluation based on the intelligent testing cloud platform, including three aspects: full interaction of the evaluation process, intelligent tracking of the evaluation content and the leading evaluation of the evaluation process. The necessity and implementation path of college English test and evaluation based on intelligent test cloud platform are discussed. The students' follow-up is carried out in fuzzy reasoning in terms of content integrity, phonetic standardization and speech rate fluency, and corresponding evaluations are given. Students adjust and improve their pronunciation according to the feedback information provided by the system, so as to achieve the purpose of training, testing and improving students' spoken English. After some school-related teaching experiments, the construction of the mobile intelligent teaching cloud platform helps to promote the modernization reform of English testing methods in the context of college English teaching reform.


Intelligent Test Cloud Platform; College English; Test Evaluation