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The Strategy of Reconstructing the Curriculum System of Preschool Education Based on Professional Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.398


Yan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhu


the professional certification of preschool education is the standard of preschool teaching, which can guarantee the quality of teaching and clarify the direction of teaching, and it is an important measure to guide the correct teaching methods. Therefore, in the process of setting up the curriculum system of preschool education, we should always follow the professional certification standards, start from the requirements of professional certification, and set up the correct curriculum system, so as to cultivate students' corresponding abilities. At present, the curriculum of preschool education in some colleges and universities is too arbitrary, which deviates from the professional certification standards. This paper describes the certification standards of preschool education, analyzes the existing problems, and puts forward corresponding measures to improve the quality of teaching.


Professional Certification; Preschool Education; Professional Courses