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Project Teaching Design of “Mobile Communication Network Optimization” Based on Information Teaching Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.396


Yang Bo

Corresponding Author

Yang Bo


Some Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Comprehensively Improving the Teaching Quality of Higher Vocational Education Points out That Curriculum Construction and Reform Are the Core of Improving the Teaching Quality, As Well As the Key and Difficult Points of Teaching Reform. the Course of Mobile Communication Network Optimization is a Model of Perfect Combination of Teaching Process and Working Process. Adopting Project-Teaching Model Can Greatly Improve the Teaching Quality and Strengthen the Connotation Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges. in This Paper, We Use Information-Teaching Methods to Design the Project-Based Teaching of “Mobile Communication Network Optimization”, So As to Achieve the Purpose of Students' Independent Learning and Undertaking Network Optimization after Graduation.


Project Teaching; Information Teaching; Network Optimization