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The Practice of Blended Teaching Reform Focusing on Ability Cultivation: A Case Study of the Business Operation Simulation Course

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.389


Yingmei Guo, Yunying Bao, Junwen Lu

Corresponding Author

Yingmei Guo


Blended teaching is the application of information technology in the field of education. The teaching goal transfers from knowledge imparting to ability cultivation. In an agricultural college of western China, the blended teaching reform carries out in the “Business Operation Simulation Course”, which is a main course for economic management specialties. Through analyzing this example, this paper summarizes the reform effects from three aspects: virtual simulation training which focuses on ability training; the mode of “Internet + agriculture and forestry education” relies on multiple smart teaching tools and platforms; the diversified whole-process evaluation system focuses on process learning. Combined with the results of investigation on teachers, following conclusions are put forward. Three factors restrict the effectiveness of blended teaching reform: the transformation of teachers' consciousness and cultivation of lifelong learning awareness; incentive and guarantee mechanisms established by the school; students' cognitive transformation and learning habits. Only by forming joint forces can we guarantee the high quality undergraduate education in colleges and universities and create “excellent courses”.


Blended teaching; virtual simulation training; agricultural colleges and universities