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The Age of Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges in the Study of Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.381


Ma Xiaoying

Corresponding Author

Ma Xiaoying


The so-called broad definition of big data refers to a large number of data sets. By analyzing the data sets, some valuable data information can be obtained. Therefore, in recent years, big data has been paid more and more attention. The era of big data, intelligent production, and the wireless network revolution are called by the Wall Street Journal as the three major technological changes that will lead the world in the future. Big data represents a new era of innovation, competition, and productivity. Therefore, many countries are Efforts to carry out research and development of big data, hoping to keep up with the times. Applying big data in ideological and political education can reflect people's spiritual needs and thoughts in a timely and realistic way. Big data can lay a foundation for understanding the real world for the study of ideological and political education. This article is mainly aimed at the era of big data. The opportunities and challenges of ideological and political education research are analyzed.


Big data era; Ideological politics; Educational research; Opportunity; Challenge