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Study on the Teaching of Mechanical Drawing and Parts Mapping under the Guidance of the World Mechanical CAD Design Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.380


Jie Liu, Daming Sun, Qiuxia Lu, Liqiu Xie

Corresponding Author

Jie Liu


The mechanical drawing course is an important technical basic course, which plays an important role in cultivating students' design ability, engineering practice ability and innovation ability. This course has the characteristics of close integration of theory and practice. Therefore, the practical teaching link plays an important role in the teaching process. It requires the training of practical teaching to make students understand engineering and design, learn to do it, and lay the foundation for cultivating innovative ability and practical ability. basis. This paper expounds the construction of the experimental system of mechanical drawing courses in Southwest Jiaotong University and its role in teaching. At the same time, it also gives some views on some problems existing in the process of practical teaching.


Mechanical CAD; Parts Mapping; Design Competition