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Research on the Training Mode of School Enterprise Cooperation and Innovation Talents of Computer Network Related Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.379


Huanyu Zhou

Corresponding Author

Huanyu Zhou


In recent years, the infiltration and interweaving of the Internet and various social industries have become more and more obvious. This situation makes various social industries more and more eager for talents in computer network related disciplines. These industries are not only eager for the quantity of talents, but also for the quality of talents. In order to cultivate high-quality talents with the continuous development and innovation of computer network technology, we need to strengthen the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship ability of talents, and we need to make talents professional and practical. The author combines teaching practice experience and literature theory to study and discuss the current school-enterprise cooperation and innovation talent training mode, hoping to give other researchers some reference.


Computer network; School-enterprise cooperation; Personnel training