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Research on the operational risk evaluation model of the electricity selling company under the reform of transmission and distribution price

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.23


Weihua Weng, Yan Zhao, Chunyi Chen, Yaru Meng, Mi Liu, Dunnan Liu

Corresponding Author

Mi Liu


With the gradual liberalization of the marketing electricity side in China, the newly established electricity selling companies, in the operation process, will face operational risks from multiple aspects. First, in this paper, the index system of operational risk evaluation for electricity selling companies is established, and 4 first grade indexes and 12 secondary indexes are determined. Then, the matter-element extension model which can fully consider the factors of material and quantity of things to be evaluated is taken as the evaluation model. Finally, an electric company is selected as an example to analyze its operational risk degree.


Electricity selling company, Operational risk, Matter-element extension.