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On Making Use of the Resources of Vocational Education Groups to Promote the Construction of Double-qualified Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.374


Xingxing Zhang*, Chao Han

Corresponding Author

Xingxing Zhang


Vocational education groups mainly refer to, based on the basic principles of voluntary cooperation, resource sharing, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, with a secondary vocational school as the leading unit, non-profit consortium formed by relevant social departments and institutions, in which other relevant vocational colleges, related industries, related enterprises and social training institutions in the city are member units, school-enterprise cooperation and win-win are taken as the basic goals, and work-study integration is the main form of activities. At present, taking each province, city and region as a unit, vocational education groups jointly built by various institutions and departments have been set up. Experience has been constantly summarized in the process of practice, and has begun to develop in a more mature and practical direction. Utilizing the large amount of resources that vocational education groups possess can better promote the current construction of double-qualified teachers. This paper first expounds the meaning and importance of the construction of double-qualified teachers, and then analyses how to use the resources of educational groups to promote the construction of double-qualified teachers.


Vocational education group; resource; double-qualified teacher; teachers’ construction