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Research on the Moral Emotion and the Behavior of Helping Others in College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.363


Li Xueting, Lian Rong

Corresponding Author

Li Xueting


The backbone of the development of the times, college students have been playing an irreplaceable role. The cultivation of College Students' moral mood and helping behavior is also very important. As a result of the occurrence of related malignant events, college students gradually began to reject helping behavior, which has a negative impact on their own emotional training. Undergraduates have not undergone systematic and scientific emotional training, which makes them unable to deal with helping others, so as to achieve the purpose of improving themselves. Based on this, from the perspective of College students, this paper explains the relevant content of moral emotion and helping behavior and the relationship between them, puts forward the problems existing in the moral emotion and helping process of College students, and then proceeds to the moral emotion and helping behavior of college students from the aspects of controlling emotions and improving self-confidence. Through the relevant research and analysis of the two, I hope to provide reference for the study of College Students'moral mood and helpful behavior.


College Students; Moral Sentiment; Assisting Behavior; Research Analysis