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The Way to Integrate Lei Feng Spirit into the Second Classroom of Private Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Cooperation between Universities and Memorial Museums

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.361


Jiao Li, Qi Yuguo

Corresponding Author

Jiao Li


“Cooperation between Universities and Memorials” refers to the cooperation between schools and museums. In this paper, it refers to the cooperation between private universities and Lei Feng Memorial Hall. Lei Feng Memorial Hall is the second classroom of patriotism education in Colleges and universities, and the second classroom of moral education in Colleges and universities. Taking practical methods to carry out colorful activities has an important role in promoting the ideological and moral quality of College students. The second classroom can supplement the deficiency of the first classroom education, and the combination of Lei Feng Memorial Hall and classroom moral education is conducive to the cultivation of all-round talents. Although private colleges and universities have developed for decades and formed a model to adapt to their own development, they should strengthen the development of the second classroom of private education under the situation of educational reform. Based on the perspective of cooperation between schools and libraries, this paper puts forward specific measures to integrate Lei Feng spirit into the second classroom of private colleges and universities, according to some problems in the process of learning Lei Feng spirit among students of private colleges and universities.


Lei Feng Spirit; Second Classroom; Path Study; Cooperation between Universities and Memorials