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Applied Research on the Teaching of Architectural Structure Course in Modern Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.359


Li Mengqi, Liu Qian, Guo Rui

Corresponding Author

Guo Rui


In recent years, China's architectural structure design has been highly valued and the construction industry has developed rapidly. Chinese universities have also increased their research in the field of building structures and strengthened the reform of the building structure curriculum. The architectural structure curriculum is relatively professional, with a wide range of basic knowledge points and practical skills required. Based on the current situation of building structure courses, this paper puts forward many problems in the teaching process, such as the deviation of teaching objectives in the process of implementation, the low quality of practical teaching, the lack of planning of teaching content, the lack of close integration of knowledge and engineering background, and The problem is put forward corresponding strategies to rationally plan teaching programs, improve students' knowledge application ability, and solve practical engineering problems.


Colleges and universities; Architectural structure curriculum; Applied research; Optimization strategy