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Discussion on the Mixed Teaching Reform of Cloud Classroom and Traditional Teaching in Ideological and Political Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.358


Gao Ning

Corresponding Author

Gao Ning


With the development of the times, the new network teaching mode has gradually stepped into colleges and universities. The new network teaching mode can improve the teaching efficiency and inject vitality into the traditional classroom. The introduction of cloud classroom pushes curriculum reform to a climax of development. Based on this, this paper first outlines the necessity of introducing cloud classroom into Ideological and political teaching, then discusses the dilemma faced by the ideological and political classroom in carrying out the reform of mixed teaching, and finally puts forward the implementation path of hybrid teaching mode of cloud classroom and traditional teaching in Ideological and political teaching, with a view to providing new ideas for follow-up research.


Ideological and political education; Cloud classroom; Research; Educational reform