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The Application of PBL Teaching Method in the Teaching of Spanish Grammar

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.356


Sun Xiaotong

Corresponding Author

Sun Xiaotong


In order to effectively improve the teaching effect of Spanish majors in colleges and universities, and to cultivate more Spanish professionals who meet the needs of international exchange and development in the new era, colleges and universities urgently need to reform the teaching methods of the Spanish grammar course. Based on the previous researches on PBL teaching methods, this paper analyzes the characteristics and advantages of PBL teaching methods. Then pointed out the current status and problems of the teaching of Spanish grammar in domestic universities. Finally, starting from the pre-class study content, classroom discussion and inquiry problems, and solving practical problems in stages, the paper points out the specific application strategy of PBL teaching method in the teaching of Spanish grammar.


PBL teaching method; Spanish grammar; Course teaching; Application strategy