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Research on the Training of English Professionals in Colleges and Universities under the Guidance of “Double Creativity”

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.353


Zhou Lijuan

Corresponding Author

Zhou Lijuan


The reform and training of English majors in Colleges and universities can not only effectively meet the needs of the current market development, but also adapt to the current trend of the development of the education industry. Based on the background of double-innovation education, this paper summarizes and studies innovation and entrepreneurship education, and analyses the problems in the current teaching process of English majors in Colleges and universities, as well as the defects in the process of training English majors. According to the requirements of the times and the characteristics of the educational development environment, the requirements of the market for English professionals are further clarified. By exploring the current dual-innovation orientation in universities, this paper puts forward the ways to cultivate English professionals, with a view to promoting the reform and development of English education in Colleges and universities.


Double-creation; University; English major; Talent development