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Discussion on innovation system construction of new energy automobile industry in China

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.20


Zhiqiang Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiang Xu


During the past 4O years, especially in the past ten years, the state and local governments and enterprises have invested a lot of power and money in the development of automotive technology and improvement of production capacity. Through the introduction of technology and technology research, product quality and production level has greatly improved the product structure to make it more reasonable, the automobile industry has become an important sector industry of China's national economy. However, China automobile industry still can not be called the industry with international competitiveness when we analyze China's automobile industry. The gap tends to emphasize the technology more backward, the art related industry backward and insufficient investment and so on.In the discussion of how to accelerate the industrial development of the automobile , it will be more focused on the introduction of foreign technology and equipment. Not only China's auto industry's international competitiveness has not been improved rapidly, but also led to the development of the automotive industry l industry into a "introduction of a backward introduction of" the strange circle. Nowadays, the automotive industry has really achieved sustained and rapid development, the realization of it really become a pillar industry in national economy and the target of real industry with international competitiveness in the shortest possible time.


Innovation system construction, New energy, Automobile industry.