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Research and Reform of Business English Translation Teaching under “The Belt and Road” Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.344


Liuyan Huang

Corresponding Author

Liuyan Huang


The “The Belt and Road” summit meeting in Beijing means that the “The Belt and Road” strategy will be fully implemented. China will deepen economic and trade links with many countries or regions and enhance its international status and influence. The development of social economy and international trade is inseparable from the reform and innovation of business English translation talent teaching. However, while the diversified national culture puts high demands on the teaching effect of business English translation talents, Chinese business English translation talents have been in a state of shortage for a long time. This situation has forced the reform of the business English translation education mechanism. In view of this, based on the analysis of the current situation of business English teaching, this paper studies and explores a new mode of training talents, with a view to promoting the reform mechanism of talent teaching and further promoting the sound development of China's economy, trade and society.


“The Belt and Road”; Business English translation; Teaching research; Opportunity