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Research on English Writing Teaching Based on Content Relying on Teaching Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.343


He Zonghui

Corresponding Author

He Zonghui


Content-based teaching methods can combine English knowledge and writing to enrich students' social life information reserves and improve students' English writing skills. This new teaching mode provides students with new ideas for learning a second language and has received extensive attention from social scholars. In the English class, improving the teaching effect of English writing has always been a difficult problem. The process writing method, the result writing method and the method of writing through the carrier in the traditional teaching mode have certain drawbacks. Based on the content-based teaching concept, this paper studies its influence on the existing English writing teaching concept, and puts forward the specific application method of content based on teaching concept in English writing. It is pointed out that in the process of application, teachers should pay attention to the selection of writing themes, encourage classroom discussion, build good classroom processes, and enhance the autonomy of students' writing.


Content support; English writing; Application; Teaching research