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The Practical Dilemma and the Way Out of the Cooperation between the Applied Undergraduate Colleges and Universities under the Theory of Social Exchange

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.337


Li Xueying

Corresponding Author

Li Xueying


The popularity of higher education has brought about a series of new problems while improving the average quality of social residents. How to strengthen students' practical ability, so that colleges and universities can better play the role of students from school to society has become a hot research topic. In this context, the talent cultivation model of school-enterprise integration came into being. However, at this stage, the school-enterprise integration model is still immature, there is a lack of government orientation, the school-enterprise cooperation directive is not clear; the school's manpower marketing mentality is urgent, and the school-enterprise cooperation development motivation is insufficient; some enterprises have utilitarian nature, and the cooperation motivation is insufficient. In view of this, this paper is based on the theory of social exchange, explores the practical dilemma faced by school-enterprise cooperation in applied undergraduate colleges and the way out, and proposes to improve the mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation and education, realize the integration of education, and build innovative specialty. Suggestions for research and development of major courses


Social exchange theory; Application-oriented; School-enterprise cooperation; Realistic dilemma; Way out