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The Application of Multi-media to the English Words Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.19


Yang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yang Zhao


Generally speaking, vocabulary acquisition is a leading label of the language learners’ level, which plays a decisive role in learning a foreign language. But in our country, the situation of teaching and learning vocabulary is far more inefficient than that of other countries. Most of the teachers and students in China regard the acquisition of vocabulary as the most boring and tiring process. As the society develops, the multi-media has provided us with a brand new teaching mode. It can change the vocabulary learning from indirect to direct, abstract concept to concrete one. In addition, there is limitless source on the internet, which can help us with the English vocabulary teaching. So the application of the multi-media technique will greatly improve the efficiency of English words acquisition.


English vocabulary acquisition, The efficiency of acquisition, The function of multi-media, Problems and requirements.