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Application of Flipping Classroom Teaching Mode in Computer Culture Basic Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.324


Jingxin Cao

Corresponding Author

Jingxin Cao


With the advent of the Internet information age, the demand for high-quality, comprehensive computer professionals has gradually increased, which puts higher demands on the teaching of computer science in colleges and universities. However, at present, the computer majors in colleges and universities generally have problems such as unbalanced teaching resources, single teaching mode, and uneven student level, which restricts the improvement of the basic quality of computer culture. To this end, this paper introduces the flipping classroom teaching mode, based on the analysis of the advantages of the new teaching mode, combined with the current situation of computer culture basic teaching in colleges and universities, puts forward the specific application strategy of the flipping classroom teaching mode in the computer culture basic teaching, in order to promote the computer professional teaching Mode reform to improve the overall teaching effect.


Flipping classroom; Teaching mode; Computer culture; Basic teaching; Application strategy