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Exploration on the Teaching Mode of British and American Literature from the Cross-Cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.317


Xue Han

Corresponding Author

Xue Han


In the current era, multiculturalism coexists and flowers bloom. British and American literature is no longer a closed cultural single body, but a complex of polymorphic culture. At this time, cross-cultural awareness is especially important in the teaching of English and American literature. It should be consistent throughout the English and American literature classroom teaching. A new era of cross-cultural era based on cross-cultural perspective, focusing on cross-cultural foreign language teaching and its communicative competence analysis, dig deep into the problems in the teaching model of English and American literature, and focus on the improvement strategies of English and American literature teaching models, so as to improve students' cross-cultural awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity, degree and cross-cultural skills to achieve an overall improvement in literacy.


Cross-cultural perspective; English and American literature; teaching mode