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Cultural Conflicts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.17


Yizhu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yizhu Wang


With the rapid economic development in China and the continuous increase in international exchanges under the trend of globalization, China's international status has risen significantly. With the rise of "China fever" and "Han culture fever" worldwide, under these conditions, Chinese learners for various purposes showed an unusually strong interest in Chinese culture. However, due to its own native culture, learning difficulties caused by cultural conflicts is often encountered in the process of learning, which hinders the progress of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Based on the redefinition of the issue, this paper aims to analyze the status qua of the issue and put forward practical countermeasures so as to speed up the transformation and development of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and to further promote the entire discipline influence.


Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Culture, Conflict.