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Method of Culture College Students' core values in Ideological and Political Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.306


Kan Wenhua, Yang Kehan

Corresponding Author

Kan Wenhua


With the development of the economy, the process of global integration has accelerated, and the exchange of ideology and culture between China and the west is close. It has a great impact on college students with imperfect cognition and ideas and will have a negative impact, which is not conducive to college students establish sound core values. The ideological and political teaching curriculum of colleges and universities plays an important role and influence for college students to establish correct core values. It can not only improve students' professional ability but also help college students establish correct core values. Based on this, this paper analyzes several factors affecting the ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities and puts forward corresponding measures to provide reference for relevant scholars.


University; Ideological and political teaching; College Students; core value; to cultivate