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The Influential Factors of Teaching Effect in External Taijiquan Teaching and the Study Tasks of Learners under Different Learning Interests

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DOI: 10.25236/etsocs.2018.16


Wei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wei Zhang


Taijiquan culture has an important guiding role in Taijiquan learning. In the teaching of Taijiquan, students should pay attention to the learning of Taijiquan culture. In the course of Taijiquan teaching, it should be focused on different stages of learning interest in teaching methods and teaching content. This article discusses the guiding ideology and principle of teaching Taijiquan in the light of the development stage of learning interest and the importance of Taijiquan culture, and combined with the author's own teaching experience to provide a reference model. The main conclusions of this paper are as follows: Through the study of foreign Taijiquan learners and domestic Taijiquan coaches, it is found that the level of foreign language directly affects the teaching of foreign Taijiquan. Different cultural background of overseas Taijiquan lovers also influences their learning of Taijiquan ; The development of learning interest has went through three stages of fun, interest and aspirant. Different teaching methods and teaching contents should be adopted at different stage, so is Taijiquan teaching; In the process of external Taijiquan teaching, the necessary integration of Taijiquan teaching should be carried out. Taijiquan coaches should follow the basic rules of Taijiquan teaching, basic teaching methods and means, teaching content should be reasonably arranged. Actively organize the study of Taijiquan culture and promote the mastery of Taijiquan by foreign Taijiquan learners.


Taijiquan teaching, Taijiquan culture, Theory of interest development.