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Research on the Development of Art Education under the Background of New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.304


Ma Xianghe, Ma Rui

Corresponding Author

Ma Xianghe


With the progress of the times, the social aesthetics has been constantly evolving and upgrading, which has promoted the aesthetic education of colleges and universities to usher in a new era of new development. At the same time, college art education faces many value choices, which brings certain challenges to art teaching. Based on this, this paper analyzes the cultural connotation of art education in the new era on the basis of combing the relevant research literature of domestic scholars on art education. Furthermore, it points out the development path of art education in the new era, including drawing on the experience of international superiority, combining the Chinese aesthetics position; interpreting the core content of art education, showing the diverse beauty of the new era; teaching based on art techniques and taking care of the nourishment of art culture.


New era; Art education; Development status; Development path