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Research on English Teaching Application Based on Multiple Reading and Writing Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2019.303


Zhou Pengfei, Zhong Longfei

Corresponding Author

Zhou Pengfei


Multi reading and writing mode is a new type of teaching requirement for English teaching, which is put forward by cultural diversity and information globalization. Multimodality of English education requires teachers' teaching methods to keep pace with the times, which urges the reform of teaching. The traditional teaching method, which is mainly indoctrinated, has been difficult to cultivate the talents needed by the society. Based on the educational background of multiple reading and writing mode, this paper expounds the concept of multiple reading and writing mode, analyzes its application forms in English teaching, such as situational practice teaching, clear guidance teaching and critical teaching to cultivate students' reading and writing ability and thinking ability of language and culture, so as to provide reference for modern English teaching.


Multivariate reading and writing model; English teaching; Multivariate reading and writing ability; Applied research